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WP Obsessed features all things WordPress!

What We Are About

WP Obsessed is a website dedicated to all things WordPress. We feature breaking news, product reviews and free stuff you can really use.

If you are like we are, then you are OBSESSED with the platform called WordPress. And who can blame us? Statistics show that there are MILLIONS of sites built on the WordPress platform and growing every week. As a result, products, plugins and themes are designed daily to help people like us.

But how can you keep up with all these product launches and theme releases? And which once are of quality and which ones are just designed to separate you from your hard earned cash? That is where we come in.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the WordPress community and purchase many products, plugins and themes and actually USE them.

And then we give you an honest review. We also buy products that we can put in our member area so you can have them for FREE!

So join us now, membership is REALLY inexpensive and we will deliver huge amounts of value to you. Hit the Join button to get started!
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Our paid members have access to a TREASURE TROVE of cool products, videos, plugins and themes.

All for one VERY LOW monthly price.

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    Rick Jacobs WordPress Tutorials


Upcoming Reviews

  • WP Pay Per View

    This plugin is a nice alternative to a full blow membership plugin. It allows you to have viewers pay per post to get your content. If you can’t wait for the review, click HERE.

  • WP Sales Funnel

    This WordPress plugin allows you to create a profitable sales funnel in just 5 minutes so you can make money with your WP site. If you can’t wait for the review, click HERE.

  • WP Sense

    A high quality WordPress theme with a ton a features all designed around helping you make more money with AdSense. If you can’t wait for the review, click product image.

  • 6 Figure Plugins

    This new product will help you become a WordPress plugin developer and hopefully you can make six figures by selling WP Plugins. If you can’t wait for the review to come out, Click HERE.

  • Viral Locker

    Help your site go viral and protect it at the very same time. This plugin will help you do just that.

  • WP S3 Secure

    Security is very important these days and this plugin will help secure your Amazon S3 distribution network.

  • Empire Builder

    I don’t know about you, but I want to build and empire of profit pulling, autopilot WordPress blogs. This plugin will help you do just that. If you can’t wait for the review, click HERE.

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