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We Are Looking For Web Developers


We are a team of web developers who are looking for someone who has experience building websites.

Most of our client sites are built on top of WordPress, so it’s a plus if you have experience with it.

We have a lot of new projects coming our way this month, so we are willing to hire freelancers and full-timers.

Our clients are mostly in the software industry. We build WordPress plugins and custom solutions to help them get more leads and customers.

We are a chill bunch! We don’t have much of a structure at our company. You will be given a lot of autonomy.

Here’s what the role will involve:

  • Converting HTML designs to WordPress themes.
  • Creating custom plugins.
  • Explaining concepts to clients every now and then.

Here are the skills we are looking for:

  • Frontend: You don’t have to be a superstar, but knowing the basics is important. The more you know about the front-end, the better!
  • Plugin Development: We develop a lot of custom plugins for our clients. So, the more experience you have with this the better!
  • Theme Development: Basically, converting designs to themes.

Even if you think you don’t have a lot of experience, don’t be afraid to apply!

If you are good at coding and are a good fit for our team, we will teach you the frameworks we use and give you enough time to learn.

NOTE: If your profile is suitable for us, you will hear from us within one week. Please do not contact us about your application status. That will disqualify you completely. We receive a lot of applications every day.